BOISE -- A plan to revitalize a section of Boise s west downtown was approved by the Boise City Council Tuesday night.

The movement is known as the 30th Street Urban Renewal District.

Starting January 1st, the Capital City Development Corporation will begin work to revitalize the area s empty parking lots and fields.

Anthony Lyons with the CCDC said funding will come from tax increment dollars from business and taxpayers.

He says the progress will need both public and private money.

Over time, property values are expected to increase from the revitalization work being done in the area, and a portion of that tax value will go back to the CCDC to use for improvements.

The district ranges from 23rd Street all the way west to the Boise River.

The 30th Street Urban Renewal District will stay in effect for 20 years, according to Lyons.

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