BOISE -- Two days before Black Friday, shoppers were already lined up outside of some Treasure Valley stores, hoping to get some of the more rare, big-ticket items for a good deal.

The deals are really worth it. Saving a lot of money, Anthony Martinez said as he set up his family's tent at Best Buy on Wednesday afternoon just before 4 o'clock.

Over the years, Best Buy has become notorious for drawing a big crowd really early. The store will open on midnight on Friday morning.

The Martinez family was the first in line at the Boise store. They set up camp for a 32-hour wait.

Wasn't trying to be the first people here, but we are, Martinez said. We're getting mom a 40 inch screen T.V. My brother's getting a computer.

Martinez and his brother camped outside of Best Buy last year and say they got everything they wanted by being around the sixth position in line. This year is a little different because the Black Friday campout turned into a family trip, with Martinez, his wife, their three kids and his brother.

[We'll] make sure the kids are warm. We've got coloring books for them. We've got our cell phones so little games, applications, and stuff they can play on, Martinez said. If it gets too cold for the kids, mom lives up the street, brother lives up the street, so they can just crash at the apartment, and I'll stay here.

Inside the store, employees were stacking and unwrapping some of the extra stock on hand for the midnight opening. There are dozens of laptops, piles of televisions, and stacks of video games ready for first thing Friday.

We had a truck that showed up at 6:00 this morning. Since then it's been nothing but unloading trucks, getting more product in, Josh Pence, Best Buy Sales Support Manager, said.

Anticipating even earlier and bigger crowds at Best Buy, managers say the company changed some things this year, like adding plastic barricades to keep the crowd organized and bringing security guards in earlier.

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