BOISE AAA of Idaho reports more Idahoans will be hitting the road to travel for the holiday this year.

An estimated 204,000 Idahoans are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday -- more than in years past.

AAAspokesperson Dave Carlson says there are several good reasons why people are choosing to travel this holiday season. For many, those reasons include family and a tasty meal. Carlson says the choice is something they have preplanned.

Particularly with this holiday -- because what this one does is it brings families together, said Carlson. There are other holidays during the year where you say, 'well, maybe I'll do a staycation or something closer to home,' but when it comes to family, people made the decision and they made this decision two months ago.

Carlson also said travelers should be prepared to go the distance.


AAA advises drivers to have plenty of sleep. Seven hours is recommended. They also advise drivers to make sure their vehicles are in good working condition.

That means folks should check their tires, batteries, and fluids, and take a winter driving kit with water, blankets, warm clothes and a cell phone on the road.


Drivers are reminded to dress in layers. Carlson says you should dress for your destination, and let someone know where you are going, when you leave, and when you are expected to arrive.

For more information, check out KTVB's winter road reports, and click on the area you plan to drive through.


Follow the posted speed, obey traffic laws and don t drink and drive.

Triple A said the average gallon of gasoline went down in the month of November. Tuesday s average price is $3.64, compared to $3.48 a year ago. Check out the best prices in your area by clicking on KTVB's gas price tracker.

Idaho State Police along with local law enforcement agencies will also be out patrolling the road, making sure drivers are following road etiquette.

Idaho s ban on texting and driving went into effect on January 1st, 2012.

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