BOISE -- Election workers in Ada County are still busy Wednesday morning tallying Tuesday's votes.

Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane tells us it's been a long process, and the workers have been at the machines all night long.

He says there were a few issues that made this election's process even harder.

McGrane says they have seven machines to count the ballots, but one failed Tuesday night. That has, of course caused a delay in getting through all the ballots.

Another issue is that each sheet is double sided.

McGrane tells us that means there is basically twice as much work, and it takes twice as long to these ballots. Also, he says there have been several write-ins, which means workers have to remove that ballot from the machine, which adds a delay as well.

McGrane says right now, it's hard to estimate Ada County's voter turnout. But, he says it could be a bit less than expected. That's because McGrane says some precincts did not have lines between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

As ballots started coming in Tuesday, we're told there were 150 workers at the election office. Early Wednesday morning, there were still nearly 30 folks at the machines. McGrane says most worked for more than 10 hours, all through the night.

As of 6 a.m. Wednesday, nearly 100 out of 145 precincts were counted. McGrane says it's not unusual that the tallying process is this long, since it was a large turnout for the presidential election.

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