CALDWELL, Idaho -- Every night many Idahoans go to bed hungry. The latest stats say that about 16% of the state is food insecure, but on Thursday, one group tried to help that.

Joel Bordeaux, with Prosper LLC, saw a big problem in his community, hunger. Six months ago, I was told how much of a need was in Canyon County. Then, I ran into the guys from Northwest Food Bank, and it just all made sense.

Bordeaux and the Food Bank organized Thursday's Free Food Giveaway to those in need.

We're planning on giving out about 30,000 pounds of food, said Ron Colbert, with the Northwest Food Bank.

That Food Bank provided all the food, worth about $200,000. That is a lot. However, it is clearly needed in Canyon County, as the line Thursday night, wrapped around the parking lot of Simplot Stadium.

You can see by the lineups, that people are hungry, said Colbert. He added that about 12,000 kids, just in Canyon County, go to bed hungry.

We decided that we would come today, and get some food, because we're a little low right now, said Samantha Armas. She and her kids were some of the roughly 800 people that waited in line for food. I'm on social security disability, and with me being the only one bringing the income in, it's really hard and difficult paying the bills by myself.

Armas says, events like this, are lifesavers. If they didn't have the things like this, we'd probably have to live off bread and water.

[We hear] just story after story that people that were on the brink of starvation, and then, we can come in and make a difference in peoples' lives.

Those with the Northwest Food Bank say they get their food from Feed The Children; but have had to turn down some food since they have limited facilities, and just don't have anywhere to put it. That's why they had to truck in all the food on two semis Thursday.

If you'd like to learn more about the Northwest Food Bank, you can click here.

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