VALE, Oregon -- The fates of two people accused of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, are now in the hands of a jury in Vale, Oregon.

Erlene Reger and Todd Mulvaine are two of four people accused of trying to kill Ramon Fry back in February. Fry survived being shot twice.

Friday, after two weeks of testimony, Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris finished stating his case against Reger and Mulvaine. The two are charged with 2nd degree assault, conspiracy to commit murder, and attempted murder. Norris says they helped conspire to kill Fry, the father of Reger's grandson. The D.A. says the Regers did not trust Fry with their grandson any more.

Erlene Reger intended that bullet to be in the back of Ramon Fry's head, so that she could permanently terminate Ramon Fry's parental rights, said Norris.

The D.A. contends Mulvaine provided the gun and dug a grave for Fry, while Erlene Reger lured Fry into their garage, where Lester Reger shot him twice. Lester Reger faces trial next month. The attorney for Erlene Reger says she had no idea what was her husband was planning.

[She] was kept completely in the dark about what was going on with her husband, and about what was going on February 29th 2012, said Bob Moon.

The D.A. also says a man named John Fritz was in the garage at the time of the shooting. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy, and testified that both Erlene Reger and Todd Mulvaine conspired with him in the murder attempt. However, Mulvaine's lawyer says Fritz was coerced into saying that, with the promise of a better plea deal.

Probably the most unreliable witness that I've ever seen in a trial... said Janie Burcart. It's John Fritz.

But the D.A. says Fritz's testimony was cooborated and supported by other evidence, including the gun, bullets, and text messages between Lester Reger and Mulvaine.

It's corroborated every which way but loose, said Norris.

The jury has the case now, and they are weighing the evidence against Todd Mulvaine and Erlene Reger, and decide for each defendent if they are guilty or not of the three charges they each face.

Lester Reger, who police say did the shooting, will be in court next month in Baker County, facing attempted murder charges.

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