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NAMPA, Idaho -- The Nampa Police Dept. has been gifted two Humvees from the Idaho National Guard as part of a decommissioning program.

Police Chief Leroy Forsman says the Humvees will be used by the City of Nampa as tactical vehicles.

Here's the chief's own description of what they city will do with the vehicles:

In a few weeks the people of Nampa may see a couple of new vehicles in the police fleet. The Idaho National Guard has recently provided the department with two US Military HMMWVs -- known more commonly as Humvees -- through the Idaho National Guard 1033 program. This program distributes decommissioned military equipment to local law enforcement. It's a great program, taking items purchased with your tax dollars and allowing local police the opportunity to have those items without spending more of your tax dollars.

The Humvees were built in 1986 and were used by local military recruiters. They were given to the police department at no cost, but they will have to have some modifications to fit our needs, including a new paint job. We will need something a little less flashy, as they will be used by the Tactical Response Team (TRT) when the team is sent to critical incidents.

While the Humvees are far from new, they will replace a 1977 armored car currently used by the tactical team. The armored car has recently had a number of problems and had a tendency to break down. The Humvees have only 60,000 miles on them and have reconditioned engines.

Having two vehicles for the Tactical Team provides additional benefits. One is allowing for quicker and safer dual deployment. Currently if there is a situation at a building where tactical members are needed at both the front and back, one team would have to find a way to approach by foot. Having a second vehicle allows both teams to approach both entrances at the same time by vehicle.

Having a second tactical vehicle also makes it easier in a rescue situation during a critical incident. One of the vehicles can be used to get to a citizen or officer who has been hit or is in danger during the incident.

The Humvees should be ready for use by the Tactical Team sometime in October. We greatly appreciate the program that allowed us to acquire these vehicles and allowing longer use of equipment you as citizens already paid for through your tax dollars.

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