BOISE -- Crews continued to make good progress fighting the Trinity Ridge Fire burning in the Boise National Forest. As a consequence, officials have reopened around 272,000 acres to public use. However, 202,000 acres of public land remain closed due to fire-related hazards.

The number of people assigned to the fire is now down to 264. That figure reached nearly 1,000 people at the height of the firefighting effort.

The Trinity Ridge Fire has burned nearly 147,000 acres and will soon top $40 million in the cost of fighting the fire. It is nearly two-thirds contained. Full containment is not expected until Oct. 1.

Recreation facilities that remain closed include: all facilities in the Trinity Lakes Recreation area, Troutdale Campground, Ninemeyer Campground, and Hot Creek Trailhead near FR 126.

All trails within the fire closure area remain off limits to the public use.

Crews are continuing to break down camp and remove equipment and supplies as fire personnel are demobilized.

Meanwhile, the Deadwood Complex that started near Lowman Sunday is now being managed as two individual fires.

The Miller Fire is 35 acres and burning 7 miles northeast of Lowman near Miller Mountain.

The Trail Creek Fire is 40 acres and burning 13 miles northwest of Lowman.

Both fires are staffed with hand crews and aerial resources. Both are 10 percent contained.

Click on the link for a map of the current closure area.

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