BOISE -- Neighborhood Housing Services is best known for the Paint the Town and Rake up Boise. However, they have opened a new department they hope will help families realize the dream of home ownership. After the downturn in the economy, NHS noticed many foreclosed homes. They are taking that sad situation and turning it into an opportunity at 2414 Breneman Street in Boise.

It was built in the early 1900s. They did attempt to remodel in 1980, said Michael Shepard, Director of Real Estate at Neighborhood Housing Services.

The house was foreclosed on by bank, and then Neighborhood Housing Services bought it. They are going to fix it up and resell it.

We're going to revitalize it, rehab it, all energy efficient improvements, and then we are going to resell it to a low to moderate income family, said Shepard.

This project is part of a new department in NHS aimed at keeping housing affordable.

This is our acquisition rehab department. We just started this in February. This is actually our first home that we'll be doing, so we're very excited, he said.

Michael Shepard and the folks at NHS, took a struggling housing market, and made it into an opportunity to help low and moderate-income families get a home.

We wanted to be able to keep these houses affordable for others instead of having an investor purchase it and sell it for a high amount of money. We're going to keep the prices down so that it's affordable for families.

Shepard said this was the condition of the house when they bought it. They expect it to be about 10 times more efficient after the remodel.

Neighborhood Housing Services sees the value of home ownership.

When you own your home, you have pride of ownership. It just helps with the community, helps you stabilize your family, said Shepard.

It is not just good for the family who will live here. Shepard says it is good for everyone on the block.

This will help increase the values of the neighborhood; it will help clean up this house and just make it look nice.

Neighborhood Housing Services expects the home to be done around mid-October. They plan to sell the house for about 150 thousand. Money from the sale of this house will go back into NHS programs. They are already looking at a second house to rehab.

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