BOISE -- Ada County Sheriff s deputies were called to the Avimor community northeast of Boise on Sunday for a report of a black bear possibly trying to break into a home.

Deputies say a homeowner reported the bear was trying to get into his back door.

While authorities responded, the bear moved to a tree where it stayed until officers with the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game arrived to tranquilize it. The bear was then tranquilized for a short time, but did not move from the tree.

Officers later tried another tactic to capture the bear. They successfully lured the bear from the tree using sardines, donuts, cake and other bait.

IDFG Communications Manager Mike Keckler said the bear entered a barrel trap where he was caught at approximately 10 p.m. Sunday.

He woke up, was probably feeling hungover from the tranquilizer, and climbed down the tree to get something to eat, Keckler said.

Officers estimate the male bear weighed about 175 pounds and was approximately a year-and-a-half old.

The bear was tagged and released in a wilderness area of the Payette River drainage on Monday.

Avimor is right up there in bear habitat, and this should not be a surprise, Keckler said.

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