BOISE -- If schools where you live haven't started yet they most likely will get going next week. With that come more kids and more buses out on the road.

Come Monday and Tuesday the two largest school districts in the state will begin classes. We've all seen it before, swarms of children standing on street corners waiting for the school bus, some even spilling onto the road.

[We ll have] about 13,000 kids out on the streets waiting for buss es and then all the other kids walking in crosswalks, on bikes, said Meridian School District spokesman Eric Exline.

And that's just in the Meridian School District. You add the Boise School District and the rest of the school districts throughout southern Idaho, and will see tens of thousands of kids waiting for buss es, riding their bikes or walking to school.

Knowing there will be more kids on or near roads, every year at this time AAA Idaho launches its campaign School's Open, Drive Carefully.

When we look at pedestrian fatalities and injuries bicycle injuries and fatalities in this state, they go up when risk are up, and this is the time of year risks are up, said AAA Idaho spokesman Dave Carlson.

Last year across Idaho, there were 149 people younger than 19 years old who were injured in accidents involving cars.

This isn't just a soft feel good deal. I mean there's parents, somebody gets injured or killed each year, said Carlson.

In my time in the district over 13 years, we've had more accidents between cars and bikes actually than any other type, so watch out for that too, said Exline.

Another thing to watch out for - buss es taking students to and from school grounds.

It's amazing what a difference it makes, Exline explained. Just all of a sudden there's 230 buss es on the roads, it just changes traffic patterns, it changes where pedestrians are that you haven't been used to seeing them.

All of that will once again be reality. School zones, flashing lights and crossing guards each one out to make sure kids are safe getting to and from school.

That will mean that if you're driving expect a slightly longer commute time. Also, be aware, police officers will be enforcing school zones and crosswalk laws.

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