BOISE -- People in the Treasure Valley are ready to support Idaho's Golden Girl, Kristin Armstrong.

Well of course we all wish her good luck and go Kristin! said Mike Cooley, of George's Cycles.

Cooley has known Kristin for a number of years.

She's hardcore. Whatever she gets into, whether it be cross-country skiing or running or triathaloning or even being a mother, she does everything 100 percent, he said.

Mike Cooley owns George's Cycles, and said he rides with Kristin three or four times a week.

She's been selling our sport and the idea of riding bicycles for a long time, said Cooley.

She's also selling the City of Boise.

She's one of the best goodwill ambassadors we have, said Boise Mayor Dave Bieter.

Kristin is the namesake of a path near Bogus Basin Road-- the Kristin Armstrong Bikeway.

Mayor Bieter presented Armstrong the keys to the city after her last Olympics.

I just can't say enough about what a great just person she is, but what a great person to have saying that she's from's just wonderful, said Mayor Bieter.

Sarah Fendley seconds that, she has known Kristin for the past 11 years. Kristin is a regular customer at Fendley's restaurant-- Big City Coffee in downtown Boise.

She gets either a day-old and a fresh muffin or two, and always a Diet Coke, said Fendley with a laugh.

Fendley sent some of Kristin's favorite muffins, Pumpkin Chai, with Kristin to the last Olympics. She's Fendley's taste-tester. Kristin is a part of the restaurant, like those muffins are part of her training.

She takes a muffin in the back of her jersey and goes on a training ride. And I just say you have to have balance in your life, and I think she's a perfect example of that, in all aspects of her life, said Fendley. No matter what, win or lose, she's been a winner for Idaho and for Boise for sure.

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