BOISE -- The Idaho Department of Agriculture is asking you to be on the lookout for feral hogs.

Feral hogs are an invasive species, they are like any other hog or pig, but they're wild, can be more hairy, and can get pretty big.

The department has received reports from the CJ Strike area of feral hogs.

If you see one, you're asked to leave the area and call the Department of Agriculture.

They warn the hogs can be dangerous.

In states where they have heavy infestations of feral hogs, such as Texas, they pose a danger to domestic livestock, they pose a danger to humans. they can be quite aggressive, says Lloyd Knight with the Idaho Department of Agriculture.

Feral hogs can damage property and spread disease.

They're usually spotted in groups because they reproduce quickly, but sometimes travel alone.

Knight says they can be territorial and aggressive and some have tusks.

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