CALDWELL -- Southwest District Health officials confirmed that a bat who bit a young girl Tuesday has tested positive for rabies.

An employee of the Idaho Press-Tribune says her 8-year-old granddaughter was bitten by a bat while playing near a creek in Caldwell.

Twila Quinn, who works in the newspaper's circulation department, says the bat crawled up her granddaughter's leg and bit her while she was playing near the bridge at Indian Creek Tuesday afternoon.

The girl's mother called 911 and paramedics took Jasmine Ruiz to the hospital.

Animal control captured the bat, which was sent to a state laboratory for rabies testing.

In general we know that bats can carry rabies in Idaho, said David Loper, Environmental Health Director for Southwest District Health Center. It's not unusual to have a bat tested positive for rabies.

Loper says so far, three bats have tested positve for rabies in Canyon County during the summer of 2012. However, only one has bitten a person.

Loper says Ruiz has agreed to undergo a round of four rabies vaccinations starting Wednesday.

Health officials say anyone who has been potentially exposed to bat bites or scratches should receive medical attention immediately.

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