STAR -- Family members say they're coping with little Alvin Strauss' death through the help of family and friends, and faith in God.

Strauss, a 5-year-old boy from Star, died Saturday in a car accident currently under investigation by the Ada County Sheriff's Dept.

Danny and Linda Strauss are Alvin's parents. They remember Alvin as an active, affectionate, and spiritual boy, who was best friends with his older brother and sister.

They spoke with KTVB to help memorialize Alvin, and to tell his story.

Linda remembers Saturday morning starting out perfectly. She says Alvin cuddled with her in bed before they played together, then drove out to get Alvin a late birthday present from his cousin.

He had asked me on the way there, 'Can we listen to 'Black or White? I wanna listen to Black or White,' said Linda, describing a popular MichaelJackson song.

It was his favorite song.

Strauss remembers stopping at a red light on highway 44 and highway 16.

Then she heard a bang.

I just thought to myself, 'I cant believe this is happening to me,' said Linda.

Law enforcement officials say a Ford Explorer had crashed into the back of the Strauss' van going highway speeds. Police told them there were no indications it slowed down.

Linda vividly remembers the moments after the accident. She immediately checked to see if her three children were O.K.

I looked at Kal, and he was fine. I looked at Lorna, and she was crying, but I was glad that she was talking and everything, and she seemed like she was going to be OK. Then, I looked back at Alvin, and he was... that moment of disbelief and horror as you see him unconscious... He wasn't totally gone, so I had a little hope, but I could also sense that this is bad. I just said, 'Alvin Alvin Alvin, wake up! Please wake up!'

Her husband Danny took a different route home. He stumbled upon the accident just minutes after it happened.

I was leaning on the back bench, holding his head, just trying to get him to respond. Just holding his head and talking to him, just whispering to him that we love him, and that we're going to do as much as we can to keep him with us. I wanted him to know that we cared so much for him that no matter what happens that we will be with him again.

Despite all the medical care, Alvin passed away.

I'm just glad that he wasn't crying, in terrible terrible pain of something. I don't think he felt any pain, said Linda.

It's something we can accept because we know that we'll see him again, we'll be with him again, said Danny.

Their daughter, Lorna, who was also injured in the crash was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

Danny and Linda believe Alvin's spirit is helping them and his brother and sister get through this.

Alvin's funeral is scheduled for Saturday morning.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says the investigation is ongoing, as they reconstruct the accident, and wait for toxicology results from the driver of the SUV.

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