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BOISE -- A representative from Idaho Power tells KTVB that full power has been restored to all customers who lost electricity due to Monday's severe storm.

Communications Representative Anne Alenskis told KTVB that as of 12:30 p.m. Friday, the remaining 220 customers without power in the Cascade area had electricity restored by power crews.

At the peak of the outage on Monday night, Idaho Power reported more than 52,000 customers without power, about 10% of its entire customer base.

Alenskis went on to say the event was the largest power outage we've had in recent history, adding that more than 40 line crews were dispatched in the aftermath of the storm to repair about 200 power poles and transmission lines that were knocked down by winds measured at up to 60 mph.

Alenskis says the crews were dispatched all the way from McCall to Twin Falls, and needed extra reinforcements to complete their jobs.

While IdahoPower thanks the thousands of customers who waited up to four days for their service to be restored, one factor representatives say the company would change about the response time was how customers were able to communicate with Idaho Power during the storm.

That's because more than 60,000 phone calls over-maxed the Idaho Power emergency power outage hotline on Monday night. Alenskis says the company's IT dept. has responded by making the necessary changes to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Alenskis reminds customers that they can often get response in times of heavy call volume by following @idahopower on Twitter or by visiting the company's Facebook Page.


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