GARDENVALLEY - Due to Monday night's storm, a peak of 52,000 Idaho Power customers were without power -- and as of late Tuesday, 7,000 were still in the dark.

One of the hardest hit areas was rural Garden Valley, near the Castle Mountain community.

Repairing his work shed was the order of the day for area resident Jeshua Lacock. Tuesday he was cleaning up from Monday night's storm.

It's usually pretty calm most of the year, but it just came out of nowhere said Lacock.

Lacock is a mobile app developer, and he was stuck without power or internet access. I can't check any email, I can't see how my apps are doing, anything like that. I can't work.

He's even considering going to Boise to get online if he doesn't get access soon.

KTVB spotted a crew from Idaho Power out in the area Tuesday. Castle Mountain has downed power lines and broken poles and Lacock's neighbor Charlie Rydie is also without power.

I called the church today and I asked if I could use their freezer because I knew from what I could see that I needed to do something with the frozen goods, said Rydie.

Due to the downed power lines,Rydie says he uses a flashlight at night. During the day, he's been reading and writing letters to pass the time. Rydie is also keeping his home warm with geothermal power.

He says this outage made him realize how much he uses electricity. He plans to expand his geothermal system.

Hopefully next year I'll be self-sufficient, then we won't even have to worry about Idaho Power, said Rydie.

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