BOISE -- It's been more than a decade since women's professional cycling has staged a major event in the Treasure Valley. That's when the HP Women's Challenge pulled-out of Boise in 2002, citing a lack of funding.

Ten years later, many now say the return of professional ladies' cycling is long overdue. James Carkulis, CEO of Exergy Development, is among them.

It was just six months ago when Carkulis -- who heads the major wind-power development group -- announced that he wanted to bring a world class professional cycling event back to Boise.

The reason:Carkulis said he wanted to showcase some of the best female athletes in the world. Not coincidently, Boise native and reigning Olympic Time-Trial Cycling champion Kristin Armstrong was among them.

His vision is right in line with all of our visions, Armstrong told KTVB, when asked about the event's creation. He sat in the office and said, 'I just have a question for you, is this really what you want to have happen?' and I go, 'Well of course, because when we go, we're going -- and we're going big.'

It turns out that Karkulis didnt have to look far outside the valley for some of the top racers to invite to his race. Together with Boise gold medalist Kristin Armstrong, the Exergy Development Group started the 2012 Exergy Tour with the hopes that it would be one of the premier ladies' professional cycling races in the world.

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