GARDEN VALLEY -- Some of the best female cyclists in the world will be racing in Idaho starting this Thursday. That's because the 2012 Exergy Tour kicks-off in Boise, and racers will be coming through Garden Valley on Sunday on their way to Idaho City.

Because many businesses in Garden Valley now depend on tourism, several sponsors rallied to get the women's cycling event to choose the Garden Valley / Crouch area this past February.

At the Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce, leaders hope the event will spark interest in the area, and that tourists will keep coming back in the future.

Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce President Dianne Caughlin says large events like the tour drive profits for local businesses.

For the last five years, we've lost quite a few businesses and it's been tough, Caughlin said. I'm hoping with this insurgence of people, maybe coming in on the 27th, that that will help.

Caughlin says the area has hosted other cycling rallies and other sporting events in the past, but nothing rivals this in size and importance of the upcoming Exergy Tour.

She also hopes the Boise area will notice the event, and many folks will turn-out.

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