HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A 40-year-old woman died at a Hillsboro home Monday after police said she was violently attacked.

Before she died, she told investigators that her estranged husband had attacked her.

Police also said that the woman's murder was connected to a man found dead in his pickup truck along Highway 26 early Monday morning. They have not yet identified that man but said the truck belonged to the woman's estranged husband.

The woman called 911 herself for help, around 1 a.m., and said she was the victim of a domestic violence attack in front of the Hillsboro home. She died shortly after the responding officer arrived, police said.

Neighbors told KGW the woman had been stabbed to death.

The woman's three children, ages 11, 16, and 17, were inside the home at the time but they did not see what happened. They were unharmed, police said, and were now in the care of relatives.

The home, located in the 2200 block of NE Grant Street, was surrounded by crime tape Monday morning with investigators collecting evidence.

The man's body was found in a truck along Highway 26, east of Manning. Police have not said how he died.

Investigators said the estranged husband had moved out of the family home and was living in the area.

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