BOISE -- For weeks the Boise River has been making a lot of folks living near it nervous, but so far there hasn't been any major flooding.

But that doesn't mean emergency officials have stopped watching the river closely. They even took to the sky this week.

This is the first time the team of agencies used a helicopter to look for problems in the Boise River.

Andrea Dearden, spokesperson for the Eagle, Star Incident Management tells us members from the different agencies went up in helicopter Thursday. The fly-over helped the team look for debris that was obstructing the river and possible flooding that could not be seen from the ground.

Had there been water diverted into an area that we didn't know about, perhaps it's a rural area, or perhaps somewhere nobody is living, is living that hadn't reported it yet, we would have been able to see that, said Dearden.

Dearden says they did not find anything unexpected, but she says they paid special attention to the river banks.

Right now too, remember that the banks are saturated, we've seen high water running fast and high for quite a while now, and so the sides of the river, even when the water is not there it's still very soft, said Dearden.

Dearden tells us the agencies will continue to monitor the river, especially as the water starts to recede, and she wants to warn people that it is still not safe to enter the river.

At this time, Dearden told us they don't have any future plans to go up in the helicopter again, but they can if it's necessary.

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