BOISE -- Recent heavy rains along with high water flows from the Lucky Peak Reservoir continue to create flooding problems for areas near the Boise River

On Friday, yet another thunderstorm rolled across the Treasure Valley, adding more fuel to the flow.

According to KTVBweather forecaster Brian Holmes, more than 1.66 inches of of rain has fallen in the Treasure Valley since April 26th. Holmes says that while spring is usually the wettest season in Idaho, we're more than 2.5 inches above average so far.

Potential sinkhole?

According to Ada County Sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Dearden, erosion from the rising river caused the formation of a small potential dirt sinkhole near Joplin Road on the south side of the River on Thursday.

However, Dearden went on to say that county crews and a private construction company were able to fill the soggy area before it became a larger hazard.

Dearden noted that county emergency workers are now turning their attention to a few low-lying areas near Star, especially the Heron River subdivision.

We think if there was a problem it would be there first, Dearden said.

Dearden said emergency flood crews were monitoring the water levels on Friday to ensure no problems for road access and sewer flows in the subdivision.

More Greenbelt closures

The high water levels have also forced the closure of several more sections of the Boise and Garden City Greenbelt.

The new sections closed in Garden City include:

  • 35th Street
  • 36th Street (Waterfront District)
  • 37th Street
  • 47th Street
  • Veteran's Memorial Park (VMP) Bridge
  • Glenwood Bridge
  • Garrett Street area
  • Greenbelt west of Garden City limits

Previously closed sections in Boise include

  • Bethine Church River Trail from the Cottonwood Apartments east to Bown Crossing
  • Loggers Creek Bridge from Leadville Avenue east past the West ParkCenter Bridge
  • Main Street Tunnel
  • Broadway Avenue Tunnel
  • Capitol Boulevard Tunnel
  • East ParkCenter Bridge near Bown Crossing

Boise City officials say that pedestrians will encounter warnings at major bridges and other low-lying areas, and ask them to please use caution and follow marked detours. You can also view a map of the closures.

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