NAMPA -- Millions of people around the country are gathering Thursday for the National Day of Prayer.

There are events going on all over the state of Idaho from the small towns to the cities, said Deborah Crosby, National Day of Prayer volunteer state coordinator. On city hall steps, to the parks, just churches all over.

Some of the events kicked off on Wednesday. A group gathered on the steps of the Capitol to read through the New Testament. They read through the night and ended early Thursday morning.

Nampa Mayor Tom Dale held a community prayer breakfast. It was a chance for the town to come together to worship, pray and share a meal.

One of Idaho's largest events will be a rally at the Statehouse. At noon, people from all different walks of faith will gather to pray. Certain leaders will be in charge of praying for specific areas like government, family and church. Anyone is invited to attend the rally.

National Day of Prayer is obviously meant to encourage prayer but it also is a chance for people to appreciate the religious freedoms in America.

We really need to every time we can, every chance we have to get together like-minded people, whatever faith, and express that faith because we can do that here in this country and it is an amazing thing, said Christine Heimbigner, a National Day of Prayer volunteer.

This is the 61st annual observance of the National Day of Prayer. This year's theme is One Nation Under God. The day is based around Psalm 33:12, blessed is the nation whose God is the lord.

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