BOISE -- As evidenced by hit shows like Shark Week, Mythbusters, and Deadliest Catch (plus a host of other network TV offerings) grownups love to watch and learn about science and pop culture.

Add a dash of malt and plenty of hops, plus a healthy dose of reality, and you've got a real-life program that the Discovery Center of Idaho calls Adult Night: The Science of Brewing.

On Wednesday, more than 450 people showed for the special program dedicated to offering insight into how the most ancient of human beverages is made.

Major sponsors included Boise's Crooked Fence Brewing Company, Garden City's Payette Brewing Company, and the Boise Home Brewer's Club.

The ample turnout exceeded the Discovery Center's expectations, filled the center's parking lot, and found many guests on foot walking with umbrellas despite the rain.

Folks like Chris Wagener from Boise enjoyed interpretive demonstrations outlining the brewing process, along with free beer samples, food, and access to most of the Discovery Center's interactive science exhibits (one exhibit that let guests shoot a nail gun was suspiciously disabled).

When asked if he came for the beer or for the science, Wagener gave a tongue-in-cheek, Yes, answer to both questions.

My mom actually got me into home-brewing, so this is a great way to learn more about it, Wagener told KTVB.

The Science of Beer was the third offering in the Idaho Discovery Center's Adult Night series. Organizers say the program is designed to give adults an excuse to leave the kids at home for a learning experience of a decidedly different bent.

The Discovery Center of Idaho Education Director Woody Sobey said he got the idea for 'Adult Night' because he wanted to convert many of his fun hobbies into science that the general public could appreciate.

Basically, we found there is a huge interest among adults about science, Sobey told KTVB.

We've had people coming for a few months buying tickets, and they've been excited as little kids, added Visitor Services Coordinator Janae Korfanta.

And just like little kids in a candy store (or beer drinking adults in a science museum), the alcohol-infused masses moved throughout the center playing with dozens of semi-hazardous -- yet educational -- technology displays.

A mini food truck rally, additional beer on tap, and fun picnic area rounded out the event.

And for those who missed it -- don't worry -- the Discovery Center of Idaho staff say Adult Night will be back again in the coming months. Previous themes have included the aptly-titled Don't Try this at Home -- a night of fire and explosive related demonstrations -- as well as Liquid Nitrogen.

What's more, staff members say due to overwhelming audience response, the center's next adult night will likely again be dedicated to explosions and fire.

Tickets cost $10, and can be pre-purchased online, or bought at the door.

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