PAYETTE -- A former Payette County sheriff's deputy has been charged with vehicle manslaughter stemming from a deadly traffic accident in Payette County last October.

Wednesday, Gem County Prosecutor Richard Linville filed a single count of vehicle manslaughter against former Payette County sheriff s deputy Scott Sloan.

The accident happened around 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 18, 2011, and claimed the life of New Plymouth resident Barry Johnson.

Idaho State Police say Sloan was driving with his lights and sirens on as he responded to a report of an intruder in a New Plymouth home. During his pursuit, Sloan attempted to pass a Jeep driven by Johnson.

Police say that's when Sloan hit Johnson's Jeep. The impact of the collision threw Johnson from his vehicle, and he died on the scene.

A recent ISP investigation revealed that Sloan was driving 115 miles per hour at the time of the crash. The posted speed limit is 55 mph.

Payette County Sheriff Chad Huff responded to the charges in a written statement:

I have always been committed to providing deputies with quality training. Deputies are given emergency vehicle operation courses while they are in the academy and are regularly required to complete in-service refresher courses. I also require deputies to complete online driving courses as well as review the PCSO Policy Manual regarding Emergency Responses. In short, deputies are required to exercise sound judgment and care with due regard for life and property when responding to an emergency call.

Investigators say that Johnson had a blood alcohol level of .08. That meets the threshold for being under the influence in Idaho.

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