NAMPA -- The Republican presidential caucus is one day away.

Idaho counties are busy making sure everything is ready for Tuesday's vote.

Getting ready for the Idaho Caucus has cost a lot of money.

Thousands of people are expected to come to the Idaho Center Tuesday night to take part in Idaho's first Republican Caucus. Voting will happen at county locations across the state.

While, voting is absolutely free -- putting on a caucus is not.

That's why some caucuses will be asking voters to help cover some of the expenses.

Brandon Hixon, the Republican Presidential Caucus Chairman for Canyon County, says it cost close to $30,000 just to pay for the caucus in Canyon County alone. Some of that money is to rent out the caucus location, to pay staff and security for Super Tuesday, the voting coins and other smaller expenses.

To get some of that money back Hixon says they'll be asking voters for donations throughout the caucus. They'll also be selling the coins that will be used to vote.

We are not charging anybody to come in and vote, said Hixon. They can simply come in and cast their vote and they don't have to pay a dime to do any of that. Absolutely not. What we are asking is people bring a few extra dollars for donations, if they'd like to do that, and we'll be asking for that, but no, the caucus is absolutely free to vote in.

Hixon says his caucus is being paid for by the Canyon County Republican Party. All the money raised at the caucus will go back into that fund.

The Republican Presidential Caucuses are not a state election so no taxpayer money helps to pay for the costs.

Hixon says Canyon County is the not the only county that's had to pay a lot for the caucus.

Ada County will also be selling election coins and Hixon says he expects other caucuses will be asking for donations.

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