TWINFALLS -- Seven months ago, a high-speed police chase ended with a standoff in Twin Falls. A woman was held hostage, an innocent bystander killed and a police trooper shot.

As police rushed to the scene at the Hampton Inn, five people who happened to be in the area stepped in to help. The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office honored them Wednesday.

On July 15, 2012, Clark Cleveland sped into Twin Falls. He was running from police officers after he failed to pull over for a traffic stop. Cleveland collided with an SUV and motor home at Pole Line Road and Blue Lakes Boulevard.

The crash didn't stop Cleveland, he got out of his truck and started running toward the Hampton Inn. A few people started chasing him.

Jeff Bulkley was grabbing a soda at a gas station when the crash happened, his friend Nick Speirs was in his truck waiting at the light.

When Cleveland started running away from the crash both of Bulkley and Speirs chased after him.

I decide I'm going to stay with him in my truck so they (police) know where he is, said Speirs.

Bulkley started chasing him on foot. I caught him going into the hotel, I was within 3 or 4 feet, said Bulkley. I chased him down the hall of the hotel and we turned the corner and that's when he pulled the gun on me.

Cleveland pointed the gun at Jeff's head and said I will kill you.

Jeff backed around the corner. He heard the elevator doors open and close, he double checked that Cleveland had gone upstairs before running to tell the manager what was going on.

I said you've got to lock this thing down because there is a guy with a gun who is going to kill people here, said Bulkley.

Bulkley stood in front of the door he had chased Cleveland through to make sure he would not leave the hotel that way. At this point, Speirs had driven to the hotel and was blocking another door.

At that point the adrenaline starts to wear off and I'm thinking man this is a bad situation, said Bulkley. He says he heard gunshots inside the hotel and then heard an officer had been shot.

Bulkley and Speirs say they were only at the standing guard at the hotel doors for a couple of minutes before officers arrived.

There were cops there guns drawn and everything, asking where is he at, where is at, I just let them take over from there, said Speirs.

During the three-hour standoff, Cleveland took a woman hostage, shot Idaho State Police Trooper Nick Walker in the leg and murdered Tracy Ivie, a father of seven.

Jeff is a father of five. When he looks back on July 15 he knows he easily could have been the one that didn't make it home to his kids.

That morning logically he never should have rode the elevator up, he should have shot me and ran out the south entrance of the hotel, said Bulkley. It always replays in my mind. Why didn't he shot me? I don't know, I am just blessed.

Bulkley and Speirs were each recognized by Sheriff Tom Carter. Carter also gave awards to Katherine Hornbacher, David Hamilton and Cliff Hawley.

Hornbacher manages the Holiday Inn next door to the hotel where the standoff took place. She opened up her business for officers to use. Carter says that space was invaluable in their planning.

David Hamilton saw Cleveland crash his truck. He watched Cleveland pull a gun as he and his passenger got out of the truck. Even though he knew Cleveland had a gun, Hamilton chased down and tackled the his passenger. He held the passenger down until officers got on scene.

Cliff Hawley watched Cleveland run into the Hampton Inn. He is a Homeland Security officer but was off duty at the time. He grabbed a gun from his car and ran into the hotel and stayed their until the police got there.

Carter says he is so thankful and impressed that all of those people stopped what they were doing July 15 and risked their lives to help.

Clark Cleveland struck a plea deal with prosecutors, he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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