BOISE -- More than a hundred people rallied on the steps of the Idaho StatehouseSaturday afternoon to show their support for gay and transgender people.

Efforts to add the terms sexual orientation and gender identity to Idaho's anti- discrimination laws have been underway for the last six years.

Today's event in Boise was one of more than 12 throughout the state to show lawmakers there is statewide support.

Organizers say legislative leaders have yet to permit the bill or a public hearing on the issue.They say today's turnout should send lawmakers a message.

As somebody who identifies with the community, it feels amazing, saidCody Hafer, a volunteer with the Add the Words campaign. It is so supportive. It is so encouraging. I have so much hope that this year we are going to get our amendment. We're going to add those words and change things.

Organizers say many Idahoans are unaware that people in Idaho can still be fired from their jobs or denied housing just because they are gay or transgender.

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