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LAS VEGAS, NV - The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas is the hub of Bronco Nation activity this week. Not only is the entire team staying in the rock-and-roll themed hotel, but so are members of the band and cheer squads - as well as scores of fans and the media.

The hotel is gearing up for the gathering crowds in a number of unique ways. Digital displays all over the large hotel feature the Boise State logo welcoming the Broncos. The gift shop has a number of Boise State shirt designs - and is even selling a special Maaco Bowl design.

Tuesday, the usual do not disturb cards in hotel rooms were replaced with a special edition. One side features Boise fans are cheering -- do not disturb, while the other says Fans are out celebrating - please clean room.

Elevator doors in each guest room tower have large Boise State helmet stickers placed on the doors.

The resort is playng host to live broadcasts from Boise radio station KTIK and TV live shots from KTVB leading up to the game.

In one last touch - downtown Boise mainstay the Rocci Johnson Band will leave the confines of Humpin' Hannah's for The Joint to perform after the game Thursday. The Joint stage has hosted acts like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Coldplay -- and now Boise's own Rocci Johnson.

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