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BOISE -- Are you ready for Black Friday? The Thanksgiving turkey hasn't even been served, but some people in the Treasure Valley are already in line for Friday sales. Part of the reason for an even earlier line-up isn't just the deals, it's stores opening earlier this year.

The Boise Towne Square Mall, Best Buy, Target, Shopko, Old Navy, Walmart's electronics department, and Meridian and Nampa locations of Bed, Bath and Beyond are all holding midnight openings on Black Friday. For some, like Best Buy and Target, this is the first year they've opened that early.

In front of Nampa's Best Buy, there was already a line of tents set up on Wednesday afternoon.

I originally was going to wait until like 9 p.m. tomorrow, Black Friday Shopper Nastassia Salek said. My mom, she's like, you need to drive by and check it out. I did, there was already one guy out here with two tents, so I'm like, I've got to get out there.

Cody Miller was the first one in line; he showed up at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday. He wants to buy a 24 television for $80.

I heard there's only ten, so I might as well be the first instead of not getting one, Miller said. Best Buy's advertisement guarantees at least 15 of that particular television will be on hand in each store, so with Miller first in line, he should have no problem.

Another doorbuster deal that Salek wants is a 42 television for $199; the store guarantees a minimum of ten of that model will be available.

Inside Boise's Best Buy on Wednesday, some boxes were wrapped in black plastic, hiding the deals until Friday at midnight. Even so, the floors were already packed to the ceiling with boxes of electronics and appliances.

All the product is out there for grab and go. So, we're pulling everything out. There's going to be nothing in the warehouse. Everything is out on the floor for customers to grab. Best Buy Manager Josh Pence said.

Best Buy employees began moving products to the floor at 6 a.m. Wednesday and planned to work until midnight. Workers get the day off on Thanksgiving, and many will come in a couple hours before midnight Friday to put the final touches on the store.

We're really excited about opening at midnight this year. It's been one of the things that our customers have been asking, believe it or not, Pence said.

Managers at the Target in Boise say it was customer demand that also prompted that store to open at midnight as well.

Really, our guests tell us that they wanted us to open earlier, and they're ready to shop at midnight, so I guess they're not going to go to bed, Target Assistant Manager Laura Lamonds said. The team is really really excited. As you can see we have stacks and stacks of product, so we're really prepared.

Even though the Best Buy midnight shoppers will be camping for more than 36 hours, they have plans for getting a Thanksgiving dinner.

My cousins coming by so I can go to my family for a few, and then I'll come back and he'll go to his family. We're swapping, Miller said.

[My mom] is so sweet. She's going to bring me Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, which is so awesome, Salek said.

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