BOISE -- Occupy Boise protesters are starting an encampment, because some feel picketing is just not enough anymore. Saturday November 5th is when the encampment is set to start.

Boise law prohibits camping in city limits, so the group is choosing a spot of state-owned property where they plan to continue an indefinite protest.

Come Saturday, supporters of Occupy Boise hope the lawn at the old Ada County Courthouse will be scattered with tents.

Being at the encampment full-time, it's going to be really difficult. It's obviously going to get really cold, said Jeana Harris who is committing to camping at the location.

Occupy Boise is the latest group to join others across the country, drawing attention to their cause by putting on encampments.

All over the country there have been a lot of problems where police have come in and tried to kick and evict protesters out, said Jake Krahn, a Boise resident.

However, Occupy Boise decided to play it safe and seek out a permit to camp on the state-owned property.

There was kind of a philosophical discussion as to whether is it considered protest if you ask for permission, but I mean the whole idea is to spread awareness and show support, said Krahn.

The group met Monday at Capitol Park to nail down some specifics for their camp-out.

There are a lot of realities of just the circumstance of how you keep yourself clean, how you get fed, how you stay warm while functioning online and distributing the message, said Zach Voss of Boise.

Still, for some the specifics don t matter the most, even with the temperatures ready to drop again this weekend, Jeana Harris is staying focused.

I am just really dedicated to this movement. I am willing to do whatever I can to advance these goals and even it that involves risking hypothermia that is what I am willing to do, said Harris.

She and many others say they won't stop until the system is fixed.

Fixed as in, the separation of corporations and state, said Krahn.

Idaho State Police will respond if anything gets out of control, but officials say they are not too worried about the encampment. A memorial to Idaho troops killed on and after 9/11 is at the old Ada County Courthouse, Occupy Boise said they would be respectful of that memorial during their encampment.

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