SEATTLE -- Amanda Knox is waking up in a secret location in Seattle, spending quality time with her family after four years in an Italian prison.

Knox's lawyer Ted Simon was with Knox and her family late into the evening Tuesday at that secret location. He didn't reveal her whereabouts, but did say she'll be there for a while.

Simon said it was touching to watch Knox reconnect with her loved ones.

Just a beautiful evening spent together. It was almost as she had never left, said Simon. She really didn't speak about herself. She was more interested in everyone else. Like I say, it was really obvious the type of person she is - caring, kind, sweet, nice. She's joyful and very very thoughtful.

The 24-year-old s life turned around dramatically Monday when an Italian appeals court threw out her conviction in the sexual assault and fatal stabbing of her British roommate. On Tuesday, photos of Amanda Knox crying in the courtroom after the verdict was read appeared on the front pages of newspapers in Italy, the U.S., Britain and around the world.

She was again overcome with emotion as she returned to Seattle for the first time. She thanked her family and supporters minutes after her British Airways flight from London arrived at Sea-Tac International Airport Tuesday evening.

Thank you for being there for me, Knox tearfully said in front of a crowd of international reporters. I m really overwhelmed right now. I was looking down from the airplane, and it seemed like everything wasn t real.

After her parents offered their thanks to Knox s lawyers and supporters, Knox spoke briefly, saying, They re reminding me to speak in English, because I m having problems with that.

Thank you to everyone who s believed in me, who s defended me, who s supported my family, she said. My family s the most important thing to me so I just want to go and be with them.

Meanwhile, Knox and her family have asked for privacy. People close to Knox said she's looking forward to some rest. She hasn't slept much since the verdict and really needs time to decompress.

As for what's next for Knox, a member of the group Friends of Amanda Knox said she has many things to consider.

I think at some point she's going to have to address the issue of whether or not she tells her story, said Anne Bremner, Friends of Amanda Knox. How do you pay these bills? Her grandmother took out a loan for $250,000. Her parents have paid over a million for a state department lawyer from Philadelphia, lawyers in Italy. They have a home in Italy. They made sure she was never without a family member in Italy and those are huge staggering costs. Does she want to address that? That's up to her.

Meanwhile, Curt Knox, for the time, is no longer a legal advocate - he s only a father.

The focus simply is Amanda s well-being and getting her re-associated with just being a regular person again, he said in front of his home in West Seattle.

He said Amanda would like to return to the University of Washington at some point to finish her degree, but for now, he s apprehensive about what four years in prison may have done to his daughter, though there are no immediate plans for her to get counseling.

What s the trauma ... and when will it show up, if it even shows up? he said. She s a very strong girl, but it s been a tough time for her.

KING5's Liza Javier, Teresa Yuan and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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