BOISE -- The Idaho Education Association says a group of parents and union representatives has taken initial steps to launch a referendum on new laws overhauling the state's education system.

Friday's announcement came the same day that lawmakers unveiled the third piece of legislation in the overhaul package, which would add more technology in the classroom. Two other measures that would introduce teacher merit pay while phasing out tenure for new teachers were signed into law Thursday.

The teacher's union says paperwork has been filed with the secretary of state's office to launch a referendum on the measures.

The group is expected to decide by mid-April on whether to proceed with the repeal campaign.

The state Senate on Friday revealed that the final piece of public schools chief Tom Luna's package has been stripped of provisions that would have eliminated 770 teaching positions and boosted class size.

Senate Education Committee Chairman John Goedde says he expects lawmakers will hold a hearing on the bill Tuesday.

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