BOISE-- The tsunami in Japan not only rocked the island nation of Japan but also the islands of Hawaii.

A KTVB employee was on the Big Island when high waves came crashing onto its beaches.

Lauren Haber went to Hawaii for her brother's tropical wedding but returned early.

The ceremony had to be called off after everyone at their hotel was evacuated and the building was deemed unfit for occupancy.

I look at the ocean very differently now, Haber said. It s not just peaceful and calm and tranquil to me now. It's a bigger presence, it s dangerous.

Almost as soon as she arrived on the island, she and the wedding party heard of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

What that meant for them was a hotel evacuation to a mountain area for the night.

When brought back the next morning to pack their things, they saw waves had come within feet of their hotel.

There was a sand mountain right in front of the hotel room and it pushed the sand mountain flat and pushed the sand all the way back into the green palm trees area, she said. There were trees and shrubbery everywhere. The pool was completely drained meaning the tsunami had gone over the pool and pulled all the water out. There was a lagoon. It took all of the lagoon and some land with it.

All she wanted to do was get out of there.

Kona has an active volcano, and it was just scary. We are in the middle of the ocean and it was just scary, she said. There's so much devastation and who knows what's going to happen next so we called the airlines.

Their flight was bumped several times but she finally arrived home Sunday afternoon.

After all that there was no wedding, completely called off, Haber said. Everyone who was there traveled. People traveled from Amsterdam to this wedding, so it was a pretty sad, sad day for everyone. And we're hoping that they'll be able to reschedule something. Maybe on the mainland this time so we have a better chance of it happening, said Haber.

No one was reported killed in Hawaii due to the tsunami but dozens of homes and boats were damaged by the waves or completely sunk.

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