BOISE -- Not feeling well lately? Well, if you're a man, it could be manopause. No, we aren't joking.

Manopause is an alternative term for low testosterone, and it can really change your life.

Buz Fawcett first appeared on KTVB in 1998. He was showing us how someone can shoot a gun differently. He calls it instinctive shooting. It requires the shooter to use their brain and fingers to point at a moving target.

His technique was so unique, Buz caught the attention of a national magazine.

He says he just loved seeing his students succeed at something so difficult, but suddenly that enjoyment was being put to the test.

That takes a great deal of patience, a great deal of patience. and I had found myself becoming irritated at the students and that had never happened to me before, said Buz.

Something was off. Buz knew he was changing, but he didn't know why. It took a doctors diagnosis to figure it out. Buzz was losing testosterone, the main hormone in men.

Dr. John Greer with Idaho Urologic Institute says this happens with age.

Over age 50, approximately 35 percent of men actually will fall in the abnormal range of testosterone levels, said Dr. Greer. The typical symptoms we see are decreasing sex drive or libido. Increasing fat mass and decreasing muscle mass. Often some baldness and one of the big ones is increasing tiredness and disinterest in the typical activities that you typically enjoy.

Buz was the one who brought up his changes with his family doctor. It wasn't easy.

You've all heard the phrase grumpy old men. I think that's part of it, said Buz. It's not the kind of thing men like to talk about or even will talk about. I felt like, I wanted to put the bandanna over my nose and come incognito.

But he didn't. Instead Buz decided to get hormone injections a couple of times a month.

Dr. Greer says most men just use a topical gel each day to bring their testosterone levels back up.

The prescription is working for Buz, he's back. And the age of 78, he's encouraging other guys to get with it, get checked out.

When you realize how many men you are sharing this with and what a miraculous thing it did for me, said Buz. If you are out there and you are feeling anything, the libido has slacked off, or your getting irritated at the kids more so than ordinarily, it doesn't hurt to ask, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Men who are also at risk are those who are diabetic or take chronic pain medication. It is primarily men over 50-years-old who might experience low testosterone and therefore, changes in their quality of life.

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