NAMPA -- The Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction is now the victim of threats and vandalism, an apparent retaliation to his proposed education reform plan.

Supt. Tom Luna woke upTuesday morning, at about 4:30 a.m., to find his truck spray painted and his tires slashed.

According to Melissa McGrath, the communication director of the Department of Education, Luna's name was spray painted and then crossed out on the passenger side of his truck.

This isn't the first time Luna has encountered retaliation from those opposed to his plan.

According to McGrath, a teacher went to the home of Luna's mother Friday night. The superintendent happened to be there and spoke to the man himself. The teacher began yelling at him, mostly about the education reform plan.

Somebody went to his mother's house with the intent to threaten her. Now they're destroying personal property, McGrath told KTVB. People are no longer using civil discourse, they are resorting to threatening and unlawful tactics and it's unacceptable.

McGrath said the superintendent did feel threatened, but the man left on his own, and was not arrested.

My biggest concern is for my children, my mother, and my wife and they're off limits. If people want to have conversation with me that's fine. But they've crossed the line and it needs to end before it escalates any further, said Luna at a news conference Tuesday.

When Luna spoke with the Associated Press regarding the incident at his mother's home, he said e-mails have been sent out listing people's addresses and phone numbers, encouraging people to go talk to their neighbors and tell their neighbors to go tell them not to support this. In the AP report, Luna referred to such e-mails as union thuggery.

In response, Idaho Education Association President Sherri Wood said the group has urged its members to act with civility and professionalism regarding Luna's proposed legislation.

The IEA condemns vandalism and urges that anyone found to be responsible be prosecuted for their actions, Wood said in a written statement. We extend the call for civility to Mr. Luna, too. Yesterday, according to news reports, he accused the IEA of union thuggery and of sending e-mails listing officials' home addresses and phone numbers. The IEA has not sent any such e-mails.

Nampa police are investigating the vandalism incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

Click here to read the full statement by the IEA.

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