BOISE What do Bogus Basin and this weekend s Boise State Broncos game have in common?One word: Elevation.

Laramie, Wyoming is a mountain town.It sits 7,165 feet above sea level -- and the stadium itself is even higher, at 7,220 feet.To put that in perspective, think of the Broncos playing football up at Bogus Basin.

War Memorial Stadium at the University of Wyoming is almost as high as the top of Bogus.

Head coach Chris Petersen knows the challenges his team will face this weekend, but he said his team didn t train any differently for the game in Laramie, You can t do anything different unless we move our practices.You know we ve been over there a couple of times and I think if your team is in good shape, I think that that works.

The thin air in higher elevations could have an affect on the kicking game, as the ball might sail a lot farther in Wyoming s stadium.

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