BOISE -- Ada County is working towards becoming even more of a bicycle friendly community.

The Ada County Highway District is installing new traffic cameras that will make it easier and safer for cyclists to ride through busy intersections.

The intersection of Cole Road and Emerald Street in Boise is a busy one, but the traffic cameras help move cars along more smoothly -- and now cyclists.

Bicyclists will send a message to the controller box that runs the signal, I'm here. I need to be detected, said Terry Little with the Ada County Highway District.

Here's how it works: Cameras detect when cars approach an intersection. It sends the images to a controller box. And when the system senses an appropriate number are stopped, the cameras signal will change the light from red to green. But those sensors didn't used to pick up cyclists in bike lanes -- until now.

The cameras have a loop draw on the screen on the detection that is set up just for cyclists, right in the bike lane, said Little.

Before the cameras were installed, sensors were placed in the pavement -- which made it harder to detect cyclists.

But this new technology will be convenient for cyclists.

It's just part of the overall package that makes us a more bicycle friendly community, said Little.

The new cameras are present at about 100 of the 400 signalized intersections in Ada County.

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