BOISE -- On May 13, 2014, Idaho's only liver surgeon was hit and injured while riding his bike.

He is now back at work, catching up on his patients, who have been forced to go out of state for care while he was off.

Dr. Joshua Barton suffered several broken vertebrae and nerve damage in the accident.

He had surgery, and was home recovering for six weeks.

Now, he has a neck rest on his chair while working at his desk and a neck brace while he's standing.

It was a little overwhelming, I guess I didn't realize the gravity of my injuries until I came back from work, said Barton.

Barton was hit in the North End at the corner of Hayes and 9th streets while riding to work at St. Luke's.

The driver took off, leaving Barton seriously hurt.

The motorist came up behind me and turned right into me, I was in my rightful place, said Barton.

Barton says he is now feeling much better and was ready to get back to work.

His patients were ready for his return as well.

Barton says the response and well wishes from his patients, most in much worse situations themselves, was overwhelming.

I come back to work and see a lot of them and they are wishing me well when they are dealing with cancer and other serious things so that was really touching, said Barton.

Even though he has raced since age 14, Barton says he won't ride again.

But, he is even more aware of cyclists and motorists around town.

I get a little emotional when I see cyclists, I get upset when I see cyclists behaving badly, said Barton.

He says his biggest push now is for change when it comes to bike lanes in Boise.

There is so much interest in cycling in this community, you see so many cyclists but the infrastructure for melding cyclists with motorists is not to the level that it should be at, said Barton.

Barton says he thinks the buffered bike lanes project the city is now discussing is a step in the right direction, but says even more must be done to change the mentality in Boise.

He is preparing for his first operation since his accident on Wednesday.

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