CALDWELL -- A new, huge, expensive building opened its doors to the public in Caldwell Monday.

The new $6.5 million building is the new home for many of Canyon County's administration offices, and workers will soon be moving in.

The public will no longer have to go through the courthouse and security to do things like pay your taxes or get a marriage license.

County commissioners cut the ribbon out front this afternoon with many of the people who will move into the building there to celebrate.

The treasurer, auditor, recorder, clerk, and public defender will all move into the new building.

Each will move in waves, with everyone in place by July 21.

We got a tour of the new offices today and something interesting we found out is that the woodwork was done by county employees rather than contracted out.

Commissioner Kathy Alder says that is a big point of pride.

The craftsmanship. You will see how nice everything is throughout the building, and that was done through our facilities department. So all of the cabinets, wherever you see counters, those have all been produced at our facility. We really have some great craftsmen in our county, Alder said.

Another note of interest, the stone on the outside of the building came from India.

The sheriff, prosecutor's offices, commissioners and court clerks will all stay in the courthouse.

The old offices in the courthouse will be converted into new courtrooms. That will make room for Nampa's judges that are being moved over to the Caldwell building.

We asked about recent proposals to add on to the jail. Alder says there have been no further plans to do that at this time.

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