MERIDIAN -- A Meridian family is thankful they're OK after a frightening moment on the road.

Lori Bartkowski says her sunroof suddenly exploded as she was driving Tuesday afternoon.

It's called a sunroof implosion, and it's something the federal government says at least a dozen other Kia Sorento owners have reported.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says they have been recieving complaints for several months.

Bartkowski says she was shocked when it happened.

We heard like a gunshot, a bomb, it was that loud, she said. We all ducked and put our heads down.

She was driving her 2013 Kia Sorento, turning from Meridian Road on to Victory Road when she heard the loud noise with her youngest daughter in the backseat.

Her 10-year-old daughter Lauren was sitting underneath the sunroof and panicked.

We looked up and we saw our whole sunroof was broken, on every corner, it like exploded, Lauren said.

The explosion was the back sunroof literally shattering, splitting into shards of glass.

Fortunately, the cover underneath the sunroof was closed.

Luckily she hadn't opened the sunroof shade underneath it because there was glass all inside, Bartkowski said.

Her husband Jeff says they were scared but okay and he's just glad the glass didn't fall through.

All that the broken parts of the glass and the weight of it right there, thank God it didn't come through, he said.

Jeff says there's no indication that anything hit the sunroof, and he says it's a defect that's dangerous.

There's no rock, there was nothing in there, he said You can see the glass where it's pointing up like something, pressure, caused it to explode, to go up. If something would have fallen it would have sunk in.

When he looked online, he found his Sorento wasn't the first to have a sunroof suddenly shatter.

As the NHTSA looks into 15 complaints they have received, Jeff Bartkowski wants answers now and he wants the problem fixed.

I think something needs to be done now about it, this is obviously an issue and this is not an isolated incident, this is happening all over, he said.

The NHTSA says the complaints are for Sorento models, years 2011-2013.

They say so far there have been no accidents linked to the issue, but one person was hurt by the shattered glass.

The investigation could lead to a recall if a defect is found.

We reachedout to a local Kia dealer but did not hear back.

Kia Motors said in a statement that the sunroofs are breaking when hail or other debris falls onto the car, but they are continuing to look into the problem.

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