BOISE -- A woman who calls herself a close friend of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's mother, Jani, wants to share more of what the Bergdahls are like and what they have gone through since Bowe was freed.

Cathy Cardenas says she first met Jani Bergdahl in February at a Military Wife Makeover event while Bowe was still in captivity. Cathy is the director of Military Wife Makeover and thought Jani could use a little pampering.

When all of us were able to meet Jani for the first time it was something within minutes you just knew that there was something special about her and amazing, said Cardenas.

Cardenas says Jani created life-changing bonds and friendships with the women at the event that day.

She took a genuine interest in every woman there and got to know each of them and hear their stories, said Cardenas. I think she's such a great example of real faith and strength.

Cardenas wouldn't say where Bob and Jani Bergdahl are right now. She says they aren't paying too much attention to the negative, often hateful, opinions surrounding the circumstances of their son's disappearance.

If you could imagine having someone bully your child right in front of you and there's nothing you can do about it that's kind of the same situation, said Cardenas.

The good thing about Bob and Jani is that they have a very, very strong faith in God and they will, you know, that's going to carry them through and they keep their focus on that and they know with that faith that everything else will be okay, said Cardenas.

Cardenas says the women who attended the event with Jani are troubled by how some are now treating the Bergdahls.

When you know that there's a person that's that special, and then all of a sudden you see everybody hating them and making death threats, it's heartbreaking because I just know that if America could see the Jani that we know, they would feel embarrassed about the things that have been said, said Cardenas.

The military has not said if the Bergdahls have seen their son yet, but Cardenas says they are obviously eager to.

Of course they're eager, but you know again it just takes it right back to their faith, said Cardenas. They have faith that they know that everything has a process and will take time and they accept that and understand that.

Cardenas says she wishes people would hold their judgments about Bowe and his family until the facts are released.

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