SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Military officials released new information earlier today about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's recovery in San Antonio, Texas after being held as a prisoner by the Taliban for five years.

Col. Hans E. Bush with Brooke Army Medical Center said, He has acclimated to his time change from Germany. He is eating and sleeping on a routine schedule. His debriefings and medical care continue. He is gradually being provided media coverage about him.

Also, we now know who will be in charge of investigating Bergdahl.

Military officials announced Major Gen. Ken Dahl will be heading an investigative unit into why Bergdahl left his base in Afghanistan, back in 2009.

We've also learned what that investigation will be like.

Military officials are clear that it will not include an interrogation.

The unit will have briefings with Bowe, and question-and-answer periods, but they will only start those meetings after medical personnel deem Bowe mentally ready.

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