BOISE -- Officers successfully tranquilized a moose on the loose in Boise Tuesday afternoon.
Officers set up a perimeter around the Parkcenter area to keep the moose from moving farther into town.

Mike Keckler with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game told the KTVB crew on scene that he believes this moose was the same one that was spotted on Warm Springs Golf Course early Tuesday morning.

John Tudbury with Warm Springs Golf Course even managed to snap a photo before the moose ran away.

She willingly allowed me to get within a hundred feet of her, and then I just kind of pushed her into the trees and then called Fish and Game, Tudbury said.

Tudbury s call triggered a massive moose chase.

The yearling female did a pretty good job of eluding police, firefighters and biologists for more than an hour as it swam in the Boise River, roamed the banks and prompted the shutdown of a section of the Greenbelt.

Keckler warned people earlier Tuesday to stay away if they spotted the animal to allow biologists the space needed to their job.

People need to be extremely careful because moose can be very dangerous if they feel threatened, Keckler said.

Tranquilizing the moose was a procedure that required a certain amount of delicacy and patience. Officers were prepared to launch a water rescue in case the moose panicked and bolted into the river after being hit with a dart gun.

If the drugs from the dart gun kicked in while the animal was swimming, Keckler said, it could drown.

The 400-pound animal was finally taken down on the banks of the Boise River near the Warm Springs Golf Course by late afternoon Tuesday.

Fish and Game veterinarian Dr. Mark Drew got a clear angle and was able to shoot the dart and strike her in the shoulder.

Within three to four minutes, the moose was feeling the effects of the high-potency drugs she was given and was sedated, but still conscious.

Drew explained how it impacts the moose s body.

They do some muscle exertion before they go under anesthesia, and they build up some body heat, Drew said . She was shaking because she was trying to build up some body heat.

In the end, it was an exciting day for those working in buildings on Parkcenter Boulevard and the golfers playing at Warm Springs Golf Course.

It was just a good happy ending, Tudbury said. It couldn t have worked out better for her and Fish and Game and all of us. t was quite an experience.

One of the biggest messages for observers Tuesday was to steer clear of Fish and Game officers when they are working.

The moose was too stressed to be completely sedated. Fish and Game officials say the public can help by keeping their distance.

The moose was relocated to Idaho City and released.

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