BOISE -- As most of us enjoyed the outdoors this weekend, many gathered around the graves of the fallen on this Memorial Day.

Hundreds gathered at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery for a ceremony.

Every marker at this cemetery has a story, a story of a veteran or serviceman's family member no longer with us.

Today was just one day to remember those people, and while we were out here learning some of the stories, we asked people what Memorial Day means to them. Here are some of their answers.

It means remembering those who served and those who did it for our freedom.

To remember all my compatriots that were in the Army with me.

It means a lot when you see other people who served. It's kind of a camaraderie whether you knew them or not.

It means I have a wonderful place to live. I fought and many, many of my fellow servicemen died. I was fortunate enough to come home, said veteran John Frayer.

Military men and women say this day means thinking of friends and appreciating America.

Children told us about why they came to the ceremony with their parents. Blade Dingman explained the T-shirt he made with his mom.

And then she made the stripes and I colored them in and then I made the USA stuff right here, said Blade.

And why are you wearing that shirt today? asked NewsChannel 7.

Because people died for our country, replied Blade.

military family members talked about appreciating sacrifice.

I am an Air Force mom. I just really appreciate all that the service has done for all of us. I told you I was going to cry. They're just the best. Can't imagine not having them around, said Suzanne Williams.

And in this place, on this Memorial Day, and any other day -- everyone talks about sacrifice because you can see the cost of freedom.

People take their freedoms for granted when they really shouldn't. They really should see that it's paid for, many, many, many times over, said Michelle Stepanek.

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