PORTLAND -- His story has captured the attention of people around the world.

Sunday, the journey of OR 7, a wolf that's traveled thousands of miles between Oregon and California was featured on the silver screen.

The premiere of the documentary took place at Hollywood Theater in Portland.

The movie is appropriately named: OR7 - the Journey and is about the male gray wolf OR7 being electronically tracked throughout Oregon and California.

Biologists said he is the first confirmed wolf in western Oregon since 1947, and the first in California since 1924.

OR7 has wandered more than one thousand miles and the movie is all about his journey.

All of a sudden OR7 became really famous and we would get news clippings from other countries, said filmmaker Clemens Schenk about how the project got started. There's something special to this wolf.

As we reported last week, it appears OR7 has found love.

Remote cameras set up near Crater Lake snapped pictures of the wolf along with photos of what looked like a female friend. Biologists believe the animals are not only sharing a den they may have pups.

No one besides Schenk had seen the movie until Sunday.

But with news about the wolf possibly finding a mate, word has spread and Schenk said he's receiving offers to show the movie in other countries.

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