BOISE -- Two elderly friends are sharing their story after spending a terrifying night stranded on a Boise County backroad.

82-year-old Walt Rich and 91-year-old Virginia Taylor, both from Boise, went for a drive together Wednesday morning.

When they hadn't returned that evening, their families began to worry and called police to report them missing.

Authorities with the Boise County Sheriff's Office, Boise Police Department, Elmore County Sheriff's Office, Gem County Sheriff's Office and Idaho State Police all helped in the search.

The problem was that the families had no idea where the pair had gone.

Taylor's daughter, Jo Ann Queen, said she just knew something bad had happened.

"My heart was just thumping out of my chest and I was just anxious and fearful, fearing the worst because we knew something had happened to them," said Queen.

Since Rich and Taylor are elderly, both families feared the worst.

"Somebody's gotten hurt, had a heart attack, or ran off the road in the storm, or maybe they went to Twin Falls and got injured in the tornado, so you're thinking all these scenarios, something had happened," said Queen.

Rich says they got stuck when they were driving on a backroad and ran into some snow.

"We were driving along, enjoying the scenery, looking down, thousands of feet into the gullies and all of sudden we hit three snow banks in a row and the second one stopped me," said Rich.

He says he kept thinking someone would drive by and help them, but no one did, and then it got dark.

Rich says he didn't have a shovel, but tried to dig out with a dish in his car, but he had no luck.

"I got sort of tired, kneeling in the cold snow," said Rich. He also tried to walk for help, but fell and had to turn back.

The pair had no water, no food, and no blankets, but tried to sleep, turning the car on for heat.

"All the time I was up there I was praying to God to send someone over, we need some help, can you do that," said Rich.

Thursday morning, the car battery was dead and there was still no sign of help.

But dozens of family members and officers were busy searching for Rich and Taylor.

"I wasn't aware so many people were involved, churches had prayer meetings and everything, we just thought it was a little incident, but it could have got severe," said Rich.

Then, a man driving in Boise County saw an officer who told him about the missing pair.

That man decided to try and find them, and drove up Boise Ridge Road, where the elderly friends were stuck.

"I just said thank you Lord, thank you for answering my prayer, and the guy was very nice, much nicer than a normal person," said Rich.

Back in Boise, family members finally got the call they were waiting for -- that their loved ones were safe.

"I had this wave of peace wash over me and I knew our prayers were answered, I knew they would be okay," said Queen.

Queen says the man who found them is in angel, and she's grateful he came along when he did.

"So many people were involved in looking and word of mouth in a small knit community and an elderly couple, he was our guardian angel that day, he was there for a purpose," said Queen.

She says this should be a lesson to all families to keep track of loved ones, especially the elderly, and tell people your plans before you head out.

Keep your family informed on your whereabouts and make them make the judgment on whether you should be making road trips.

As for the pair, they'll continue their drives, but say they will be better prepared next time.

"She's already given me orders, next time we go someplace we have blankets and water and maybe some food," said Rich.

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