SEATTLE -- The first thing they noticed was a stranger was pushing a shopping cart through their neighborhood. The next thing they noticed was a human body inside the cart.

When neighbors in Seattle s Rainier Valley asked the man what he was doing, they say he stumbled away from the cart and disappeared. Then they called police.

Seattle police confirm a body of an adult man was found in the abandoned cart. They are looking for the person who was pushing it. That individual is described as a young black man wearing black pants, a blue jacket and a hat.

Witnesses said flies were buzzing around the cart and human legs could be seen sticking out of a pile of debris. One woman said the man pushing the cart appeared to be drunk or high and had a difficult time walking. She said he told her he was going to wash some clothes at the laundromat.

Police have not identified the dead person and don't know how he died, even though earlier reports say the body had multiple stab wounds.

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