KUNA -- More than five months ago, the Kuna School District faced unimaginable tragedy. Twelve elementary school children were on a school bus when the driver pulled in front of an oncoming dump truck.

One boy, 11-year-old Daniel Cook, was killed, and the other children have since dealt with horrific memories and in some cases, lasting or permanent injuries.

None of the parents of the injured children can imagine being in the position of Daniel's family, but their stories have been untold. One of those families was ready to explain what happened that day and what's been going on since so other people can understand.

Shea Bettelyoun says the bus was running late on December 5, 2013. Once it arrived, now 9-year-old Gavinn Bettelyoun's dad Tim Bettelyoun, saw him off to school. Shea says her husband waved to their neighbor as he drove past. That neighbor was the dump truck driver. Just after that, Tim got in his car to leave.

A couple minutes later I got a call from my husband that said, 'Shea, you need to listen to me, there's been a horrible accident. A semi truck has hit a bus'. And I heard, child dead, and that was basically it... and 'call 911', Shea Bettelyoun said.

A half mile down the road from their home, Tim had found the crash. The bus had flipped around, so he wasn't immediately aware it was his son's school bus. Tim says he ran onto the bus, past the driver, began counting kids, and then found Gavinn.

(Gavinn) was unconscious when my husband found him, and he was bleeding out the side of his head, Shea said.

After helping Gavinn, Tim saw Daniel Cook, the boy who died as the result of his injuries. Tim worked with another passerby, a nurse, to try to save Daniel. Around the same time, Shea arrived and saw Gavinn.

He was awake, but not really communicating, laying to the side, Shea said.

Shea helped comfort her son and the other children. Gavinn was loaded into an ambulance and taken to Boise. He spent more than a week in the hospital, missed weeks of school and activities, and is still recovering today.

He has a skull fracture that's obviously healed in the last five and a half months. He has some broken bones inside his inner ear, Shea said.

Gavinn has significantly reduced hearing in his left ear and is getting a hearing aid.

It's kind of like I used to hear a lot. Like I could hear stuff a lot better. Now I hardly can, Gavinn said.

He also uses reading glasses now and needs expensive vision therapy.

He has a convergence issue with his eyes to where his eyes do not focus correctly. So he has double and blurred vision, Shea said.

In addition to those things, Gavinn's mom says while he gets to do more all the time, doctors still won't allow him to do a lot of things most kids can. Gavinn says the one thing he wants to do but isn't allowed to is to play football.

Because they're afraid it's going to hit my head, Gavinn explained. He said that makes him feel kinda mad.

The emotional aspects are hard for the whole family, and especially for a 9-year-old boy, to deal with, but there's more: Insurance won't cover some bills.

Because it was accident related, a lot of the things have been denied and kicked back to us, Shea said.

The school bus driver has been charged for Daniel's death, but court clerks in Ada and Canyon Counties find no records of criminal charges or civil suits that cover the 11 other children on the bus that day.

That may be changing though. While the Bettelyoun family declined to talk about specifics, KTVB has obtained a copy of a tort claim notice the family filed against the school district and employees a couple weeks ago. The notice alleges negligence on the school and driver's parts and includes what could amount to thousands of dollars in medical bills.

As bills and legal matters swirl around them, right now, the focus for Gavinn and his family is working on recovering and recognizing the children all forever bound together by tragedy last December.

There were 12 kids on the bus that day, and every single one of them is a hero in my eyes and should be to the whole community, Shea said.

The district did not respond to a request for comment about how the school is helping students who were injured that day.

KTVB is working on obtaining more information about the schools insurance policy and any payouts from the bus crash. According to state Department of Education information, each district-owned bus liability plan must have at least $500,000 for personal injury, death or property damage.

The bus driver has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in the death of Daniel Cook. No court dates are currently set for her case.

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