BOISE -- The Public Utilities Commission is looking at the future of larger-scale solar power projects.

At a public hearing Wednesday night, Idaho Power requested to temporarily suspend contracts with solar-power companies while the power company evaluates how much it will cost to integrate those projects into the grid.

Several people and energy companies testified against the request saying solar projects should be allowed to proceed, as costs are determined.

The study and the continuing of the growth of solar power can continue at the same time, side by side and do not have to be separated out, said Robert Spencer, who testified against the petition.

The important thing to remember is we are talking about 20-year contracts, so we feel like it's important, it's essential that we get the pricing correct before we enter into these contracts on behalf of our customers. Once those contracts are in place, our customers are obligated to pay those prices over the next 20 years, said Brad Bowlin, spokesperson for Idaho Power.

This does not impact homes or businesses that have small solar installations, like rooftop panels, as this is more about solar energy farms.

The PUC expects make a decision sometime in the middle of next week.

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